70′s African American Women Hair Fashion

70's African American Women Hair

When it comes to the , the 70′s Afro Hairstyles or fro can not be forgotten. This means embracing the frizziness of the hair and giving it a lot of volume. Both men and women show off the natural curls of their hair.

They even enhance the poofiness by doing a lot of hair teasing and blow drying. This results to a big, almost rounded hair which really makes a bold fashion statement.

These styles may be popular during the 70’s Fashion but that does not mean that these would not be fitting for today’s modern world. Do not be scared to go for a 70’s look to achieve an astounding look which works for both formal and casual events.

The 70’s Women has a very distinct way of styling hair and even the accessories are unique too. If you want to have a jaw-dropping get-up for a party or you simply want to spice up your look for the day, opting for the would be the perfect solution. It will give you the perfect fusion of vintage glam and fashion-forward style.


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