kurtis with Patiala Salwar Fashion

Patiala Salwar and Kurti

The females usually use with . Patiala shalwar has resemblance with Pathani shalwar.

Normally patiala shalwar has a number of plates (curves) of different designs. The drop of pleats goes returning and looks like reduce with pleats.

Patiala Shalwar is a very solacing shalwar. From top, it has buckle like any other conventional salwar and a lengthy tube for drawstring. The higher section like conventional shalwar is endemic or has a big area for waist and thighs motions. We have latest  Fashion Collection for you.

Patiala is a place in India and the king of Patiala was using a trouser which has wavy and baggy style thus the origin was build of Patiala Shalwar from that.

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